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Mighty Lucky Quilting Club Year of Colour July Challenge

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club

Welcome to the fourth instalment of the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club! I am rather thrilled to be bringing another challenge to subscribers. 

This month is all about two things - bossy fabrics and improv curves. For the full low-down on bossy fabrics you will have to get the challenge itself. But I will let you know that it is all about managing those dominant fabrics to use them effectively in quilt design. 

The improv curves you can see above. There is the beginner option and the full star treatment. This is a great intro to improv circles and I am really excited to see what people make. This row is the final frame before the center block. I maybe had a sneak peak at the plans for the center and let me assure you, the whole quilt is coming together amazingly!

Improv Curves Mighty Lucky

This whole experience is rather fun. I am making the quilt myself, not just my rows. Some quilters are ready and waiting for this instalment. Some, like me, need to make some more. No pressure. Sew what you can, when you can. I love checking out the #mightyluckyquiltingclub hashtag on Instagram.

If you are joining us here from the group, I want to encourage you to have fun with this block. It might seem intimidating and more than a little awkward. If you've never done curves, improv or otherwise, before have faith that the process will work. I believe in you! Yes, there are scraps. Hang in for a few weeks and I will show you a couple of ideas for your scraps. I have quilt a few myself, from all the rows!

Now, to get back to my own CMYK inspired version!

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club Improv Stars

For all the scoop on Mighty Lucky and what you might be able to discover through the challenges check it all out here

CMYK - First Mighty Lucky Row Done

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club First Row

Paper piecing 12 blocks isn't so bad if you do them half a block at a time. 

That's what I kept telling myself, and it worked. Carolyn Friedlander's patterns are easy and graphic. Each one of these blocks is made in sections so I did a section at a time. Low stress. And sure enough, they add up. Sometimes it was Morning Make, sometimes I snuck in a bit of sewing in the sweet spot between when the kids go to bed and I crash. Seam by seam it gets done.

These are the first rows of the 2018 Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. Month one was about making a colour story. Mine was inspired by the CMYK issue of Uppercase Mag. It's been different for me to work in such saturated colours and just them. I quite like it. The key, I think, has been to vary the fabrics in print and texture. That's how you get distinctions, almost like value, when working monochromatically on blocks. Sometimes the distinctions are subtle, sometimes strong. Overall it works well.

Cheryl Arkison CMYK Mighty Lucky Quilting Club

And yes, my sandals match. True fact: I nearly entirely match the quilt. I have these sandals in turquoise, yellow, and red (not pink). But now that we are mentioning it...

On to the next round  - little improv crosses.

Check it out for more info on Mighty Lucky and to sign up for the entire Year of Colour.

CMYK - Another New Start

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club Carolyn Friedlander

Another new quilt start. Smitten from the beginning.

The Mighty Lucky Quilting Club is running again this year. I am signed up for a turn hosting in a couple of months. This year, however, the Club will work together to make an entire quilt. That is, each month plays well with each other and the whole thing is designed to give you a quilt top at the end. Still regular challenges, but with a different end goal in site.

The other difference this year is that the entire thing is about colour. So by the end of it you will have a quilt top and a deeper understanding of colour for all your other work. All without making a colour wheel.

Carolyn Friedlander kicked things off in January with a discussion about creating a palette and translating colour inspiration to picking fabric. I love her piece. I will admit, however, to be to being stuck on what I wanted to do. I've never been stuck for picking a palette before! New territory for me. But I didn't stress. Instead I pet some fabric and lived my life, confident that something would tickle my fancy eventually.

Enter the latest issue of Uppercase Mag. Devoted to CMYK - Cyan, magenta, and yellow. The base colours for printing. As with all issues of the magazines I had to wipe up my drool as I read it. Then I knew exactly what I was going to do for this Mighty Lucky Quilting Club challenge.

Uppercase Magazine CMYK
CMYK Fabric Mighty Lucky Quilting Club

So I picked a stack of fabric in these intense, pure colours. Not stressing too much about whether this pink perfectly matched that one. If I went that detailed then there would be no point to piecing! You need a bit of contrast in value, texture, and hue to have some depth to your piecing.

Then I printed off the templates for Carolyn's rows. She is a paper piecing master and it was good to work with her pattern. Pretty straightforward as paper piecing goes. Do not be intimidated at all! It takes me about 45 minutes to make 1 block. A beginner would probably take about an hour or more. Don't stress, just do it one seam, one block at a time.

While I usually like to use freezer paper when I paper piece, this time I used Carol Doak's Foundation Paper for my templates. They print right on my home printer, are thin, and are easy to remove. The print at home factor was big as I didn't want to draw out the templates for 12 blocks. (No affiliation, I just like it.) 

In a week I have 6 blocks done. I will plug away on these then start the next round - it's improv!

To sign up to receive the bimonthly challenges, and the templates for this particular block, check out Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. It is $50 for the annual subscription. 

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club Second Quilt Top - A Single Fabric

Tula Pink fabric Mighty Lucky Quilting Club

Woah! What an amazing response to my last post. It seems I am not alone in these thoughts. It has me percolating a few ideas to help us all out. Mainly, in ways to use our stashes more. And in maybe some not so predictable ways.

That thinking reminded me that I never shared a particular quilt top. One quilt top - one fabric. That's right, just one fabric. 

I started this about 2 years ago, as part of the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. In preparing for my month of the club I made up a whole bunch of samples to show different ways to use a single fabric in a quilt block. While I did finish one quilt for the club and then a pillow, the rest of the blocks sat there. But then I decided to play with one of them a bit more. And play and play and play.

You can still purchase the 2016 Mighty Lucky Quilting Club challenges. But now they come as a print on demand book. 

What a great way to pull out a cherished fabric from your stash and play. We all have some that we bought a lot of, maybe for a backing, but is just sitting there. Look for the possibilities. 

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club Tula Pink Stripes

This became my own personal round robin. What other ways could I manipulate this fabric into another look? I just kept going. Fussy cutting stripes, improv curves, triangles, slashing things apart. I just kept going. That last round is a variation on the blocks used to make the center. It ends up at about 78'' square in size. 

The fabric is Tick Tock Stripe in Mint from Chipper by Tula Pink.

I bought more fabric 3 times after the first fat quarter. The last time I was smart enough to buy extra so I could make a bias binding when all is done. All in all, I would say I used about 8 meters, but that is just me going off my memory and does include the leftover scraps and the binding set aside. 

Any ideas on how to quilt it? I am very open to suggestions on this.