From Demo to Quilt - Improv Curves

Improv Curves Modern Improv Quilt

As a quilt teacher I need to be constantly demonstrating techniques and ideas to my students. You can show a million quilts and quilt blocks, but nothing replaces the actions. A couple of years ago I had the brilliant (in my head) idea to keep a set of fabrics for each class to use for demos. Everything coordinated instead of random scraps. That way, I would eventually have a set of blocks to turn into a quilt top without having to actually stop and make a quilt top.

Frankly, it really was a brilliant idea. The main components of many quilts have come this way. Like this one for slabs. Or this one for for Improv Log Cabins. Or even this one for Slabs and Low Volume work. Because I teach technique more often than specific quilts I only get a few of the blocks or components done each class. But in time, they add up. That was exactly what happened with these bits and pieces.

Teaching modern quilting

With so much potential the exciting part came - not that I don't love teaching, I adore it. What gets me jazzed in the sewing room is the challenge of taking seemingly disparate parts and finding order and balance in them. Playing on the design wall to find just the perfect composition will always be my favourite part of quilt making.

It took about a week of mornings and the odd evening to get something together. There was seemingly endless futzing to get a balance of colours, shape, and pattern. One can do that truly forever, with a solid fear of commitment. My strategy is to hone in on a part that I love and definitely don't want to change then work my way around it to show it off. It isn't always as perfect as I hope and you have to keep that Tim Gun refrain on constant repeat: Make it work. Make it Work. 

The whole quilt wasn't as big as I had hoped. I have such a hard time not making at least a double sized quilt. Alas, I ran out of fabric. No more background, no more of the orange, and only a bit of the purple left. C'est La Vie.

Modern Improv Quilts

And now I get to pick a new set of fabrics for when I teach Improv Curves/Fun Ways with Drunkard's Path! Let me know if you are interested in a class.