Quilts Under Construction - September 2016 Update

Quilts Waiting to Be Quilted - Tag Fabric


Things seemed a little crowded in the studio lately and my hand written Quilts Under Construction list hard to read. A lot of movement on the list! Then I added things up. Rather than go down, the number went up. So be it.


Yes, 45. Still, I am totally okay with that. It sure represents a lot of making. But it is always around this time of year that I get in the mood to finish. Finish. All. The. Things. I don't know that I could actually do that without starting something new. But I can make my way through a good chunk. Starting with quilting the 5 quilts I have basted. That seems like a good place to start a finish.

Quilts Being Quilted

  1. Low Volume Circles - oh, the hand quilting. But it intimidates a lot less now so maybe this winter.
  2. A potential book quilt, if I decide to write the book.
  3. Tag Fabric quilt 1 - a future pattern.
  4. Tag Fabric quilt 2 - another future pattern.
  5. Tag Fabric quilt 3 - alternative to a pattern.
  6. Kenzie's Quilt - a baby quilt I've never shared here before.

Quilt Tops

  1.  Arkison in Australia
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Kawasaki's Theorem/Maze and Vale
  4. Scraps Go Round
  5. Inception Pillow from the Mighty Lucky Challenge in July
  6. Mod Christmas Tree II
  7. Giant Hexagons
  8. Circle Lattice
  9. Low Volume Shoeman's Puzzle
  10. Red Oh Canada
  11. Cirrus Solids Pinhweel Play
  12. Checkerboard

Blocks/Unfinished Tops

  1. Evil Genius' triangle quilt that only needs side borders to fit her bed
  2. Kids' clothes quilt started in Gee's Bend workshop
  3. Hand pieced Diamonds
  4. Neutral Values
  5. Studio Slash/Edges Improv Piece
  6. Indigo/Book of Negroes/Slaveship quilt
  7. Mid Mod Bee quilt
  8. X-Plus blocks from Creative Live Low Volume Class
  9. Respite from Bill Kerr design workshop
  10. Chandelier quilt that needs to be fixed and resewn
  11. Monster's name Quilt
  12. Park Blocks
  13. Pink Pinwheels from Creative Live Pinwheel Play class
  14. Nobody, a bias tape experiment from January Might Lucky Quilt Club
  15. Tula Stripes from July Mighty Lucky Quilt Club
  16. Summer Bloom
  17. Water
  18. Y2K
  19. March blocks
  20. Small Wonders
  21. Liberty Circles
  22. Sherbet Stars
  23. Diamonds and Logs
  24. Up, Up, and Away
  25. Beach Grass version two
  26. Splendid Sampler
  27. Lotta blocks from pattern testing

Now, as I'm writing these, I see there are a number of projects I haven't blogged about. Some I can't blog about yet, but others are long overdue. Sharing them with you here will help move them forward. And I can tell you this, I won't be sewing anything else until at least 5 of the quilts listed at the top as being quilted are bound and done. Yay for deadlines! I'm sure I will need some playtime after that, so expect to see more then for sure.

People often say that seeing a list like this of their own work is frightening or depressing. Not I! It merely represents a heck of a lot of creative action.

What's on your list?