Circle Lattice Quilt Top Complete

It seems that big appliqué projects take me about a year to complete. My Circle Lattice quilt is no different. 

I looked back and realized that I started my first block in late September last year. When I cut that first block I only had the intention of making that single block. It finishes large at 34'' (if you cut it properly) so there is a lot of appliqué involved. But I completely fell in love with the fabric and the block. Quite early on I made the commitment to make four blocks.

Now the quilt top is done. These blocks have been to Alabama, Montreal, Las Vegas, Jasper, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Minneapolis, Austin, Drumheller, and many more places. Seriously, that's the best part about appliqué, the portability. I would spend weekend mornings stitching and drinking tea while the rest of the family caught up on TV. It was my respite, even though I find the process of the block coming together quite exciting.

One of the most entertaining things - to me - is that this quilt top only has 5 fabrics in it. I don't think I've ever made a quilt top with so few fabrics!

There is a mistake in my blocks. Somehow I cut the first block wrong, starting with a 33'' piece of fabric instead of 34''. It only meant that the straight bits on the side were cut off. So I ended up making the rest of them that size as well.

There was some definite lessons learned with basting these blocks as well. Look for a post coming on that.

Now to quilt it...