Scraps Go Round - An Improv Log Cabin Style Quilt

Scraps All Around

Those early mornings sessions are totally paying off. Number one, for my mental health. Number two, for quilt productivity. A few years after starting these blocks are finished and the quilt top done!

(I've also finished the blocks for another top already and have been working on some snippets now.)

Depending on if you are a glass half full or half empty person, you will love or hate this - I probably still have enough strips left for another quilt like this! If you make quilts you will always have scraps. Good thing there are a million fun ways to use them!

Scrappy blocks up close

These blocks were made by simply cutting a pentagon, hexagon, or even a heptagon. Then I added scrap strips, log cabin style, all around. And kept going. I did not use a foundation. Some might argue that the blocks are more unstable with it. And they would be right. But I took my time, was careful not to stretch as I sewed, and squared them up at the end. 25 blocks later and I have a 80'' by 80'' quilt top.

An interesting observation for me as I finished this is that there really isn't much of mine that plays in the medium range of value. A lot of lights, a few darks, and some mediums. This is in contrast to the majority of us quilters who live in the medium range. And to most manufacturers who provide us with those medium value fabrics. If you made this quilt with your scraps it would be a completely different look!

The harder part was trying to get a picture of the top with my 8 and 4 year olds at the park! It seems I underestimated my wingspan. And underestimated the height of the man I freakishly asked to help me hold the quilt while The Evil Genius snapped mostly blurry photos. But hey, they are happy and willing to indulge this part of the quilting so I am happy with the outcome no matter what.

Peeking behind the quilt.