Forgiveness - A Word Quilt for Wednesday

Forgiveness Quilt


One of the most difficult human actions. Especially when we need to forgive ourselves. And still with others. It is so much easier to be angry, to be scared, to hold a grudge. Recently I took that energy and channeled it into this quilt top. 

What a release. 

Forgiveness Scrap Quilt detail

Don't ask me how many pieces are in here. Don't ask me how long it took. Don't ask me the personal details. Just know that it worked. That forgiveness is not only possible, but it does indeed feel better and require less energy than holding on to the anger, the frustration.

And bonus, my sewing room has a few less scraps in it.

Cutest Quilt Photobomb

With forgiveness in your heart you welcome the cute photobombers who draw on themselves and the reluctant quilt holders. Even the wind. 

Take a deep breath, get your butt in the seat and sew. Let the good stuff ride.

Quilt Top in the Wind