Morning Makes - The Australian Verson

Australian Improv Work

If it wasn't for my morning make I would not be surviving summer. To clarify, I would not survive the kids being home and very limited time to sew or work. I'm doing my best to be a calm mom and the act of creating before I consume is making a huge difference in that goal.

This is just an exercise in improv. It's just play.

The first bits started as demos on my Australia trip. I grabbed two fat quarters fairly randomly to demo something on the fly. Then I used the fabric to demo something else. By the end of the trip I was rather in love with the combination so I bought the rest of those two fabrics. At home I added in bits of love from my stash, treats that Leslie at Maze and Vale gave me, scraps from my Kawasaki's Theorem screen printing, and some special fabrics also gifted on the trip. 

There are a million ways to approach improv and a million ways to play. I've decided to focus on shape to have some cohesion in the quilt. Triangles/diamonds, curves, little bits. This way, that way, any way. Scale provides some great interest and keeps me on my toes in the making.

So here and there, each morning, I make a little. Some days I can sneak in a whole hour. Most days I'm lucky if I get 20 minutes. All that counts is that I sit my butt in the chair and sew first thing in the morning.