Improv Applique With Boundless Fabrics

Improv Applique With Boundless Fabrics

Sometimes you just get an idea in your head and until you actually act on it the whole thing nearly haunts you.

It is no secret that I have an addiction to hand applique now. But I also really love improv. A few weeks ago I wondered if the two techniques would play well together. Applique is often thought of as requiring prep and planning. Even to me it seems to contradict the spirit of improv. But if we don't worry about all the planning and embrace the process of applique then just maybe the two can play together.

To toot my own horn, I was so right!

Focusing on shape and contrasting fabrics it is quite easy to use the simple tools of scissors, needle, thread, and fabric to improvise with applique. I started with a charm pack of Boundless Fabrics from Craftsy (it is their own fabric line) that I was given back in a swag bag back in January. After that I picked a shape - the wedge - and just started. With little thought to colour I cut some wedges and grabbed contrasting backgrounds.

Boundless Fabric Charm Pack

As much as I am improvising I am still using good technique. I took the time to baste each wedge my hand - my preferred method. Then I am needleturning to finish the applique.

Who knows where this will go? That is the spirit of improv after all: starting without knowing where you will end up. I've finished 7 blocks so far, but there is more fabric left and I'm quite enjoying the play.