Earth Day Block for The Splendid Sampler

Earth Day Block for Splendid Sampler

Today is Earth Day! (And my nephew's birthday!)

You may recall that I used to work for an environmental non-profit. So every day was literally Earth Day for me. Now, with kids it is even more so. Just the other day The Monster started a discussion in the car about landfills. We talked about what garbage doesn't break down, methane gas, power generation from landfills, and composting. Just your standard conversation on the way home from swimming. We won't mention the irony of it as we drove around in our big, diesel burning car.

For The Splendid Sampler we've released a bonus block for this occasion - Earth Day, not my nephew's birthday - and I got the chance to design it. This block popped into my head in seconds and I went for it. Already I've seen variations where people embroider the outline of the continents on the circle. And already I see potential for this to be an entire quilt.

We know how I love a pinwheel! and the intersecting lines with the circle go so well. This is a pretty easy block, no super tiny piecing.

Scraps for The Earth Day block

Secret little bonus! If you go to The Splendid Sampler site I've provided a special discount link for my Craftsy class - Inset and Applique Circles by Machine -  to help with all your circle construction.

(And if you want more than my Craftsy class, there is a sale this weekend.)

Grab your scraps - this is Earth Day after all - and give the block a whirl!