60'' x 75''

A long belated wedding present. One of those quilt tops that had been sitting around without a home to go to. My husband declared that I need to make a quilt for a wedding present for an old friend. So we went through my Quilts Under Construction list and he picked one for me to finish. It was quite the perfect choice because our friend is quite gregarious/outgoing and this is a bold quilt!

This quilt was initially started as an experiment. I wanted to play with improv curves and some layering techniques. The experiment was a success and this quilt came together in a day of sewing. Seriously, it was so fast. 

And now, I teach the technique in my Improv Curves class.

A bit of rented time on the long arm got this quilt finished quickly. Just loops all over to give texture, but not take away from the bold fabrics and colours. I used a turquoise thread - a variegated turquoise in 50wt from Wonderfil.

The binding is a scrappy turquoise one. Most of the fabrics are from the quilt itself. And this time I hand finished it, my favourite way. The wedding was last summer so the deadline had long passed!

One thing I am good at when it comes to gifting quilts is making labels and actually getting them on. (Not so much on quilts that live in my home.) So on a sunny morning the day we were meeting our friend I stitched down the label made on my computer. Sometimes I do this raw edge running stitch. Sometimes I needle turn the edges. That day I had no thimble and this label fabric is thick, so in the interest of not bleeding all over the quilt, I went with the former.

As for the name, I give credit to my kids. I held up the quilt for the family and they threw out a lot of names related to hills. Molehills jumped out because of the expression "Don't make mountains out of molehills." It is sage marriage advice.