Pride Quilt - Now More Than Ever

Pride Quilt Quilts for Pulse

Pride Quilt

78'' x78''

Finished in time for the Pride Parade in Calgary. Finished to celebrate, to share, to show love, to be supportive, to care.

Every year we take our family to the Pride Parade. My kids love it, we love it. Sure, it is a lot of fun. There is dancing and candy and dogs and loads of free trinkets. But it is also about showing the kids that we love no matter what, we support with love, we respect, we talk. This quilt is no different. Wrap more love around the world.

(See the whole story behind the quilt.)

I worked hard to get this quilt done in time. It's been a while since I finished a quilt! But I really wanted to share it there so I worked feverishly. It's a small, tiny thing in the world but if it makes one person smile, shows one person they are not alone then it is worth it. If it reminds my kids that we look out for others, no matter what then it is worth it.

Statement quilts have a place in quilting, Pride has a place in our life.

Love Is Love

Now for the quilt details.

In the rainbow section I quilted is the words Love is Love is Love is Love over and over again. I did this on my domestic Bernina with an orange Aurifil thread. Let me tell you, it felt great to be stitching these words!

Pride Quilt Rainbow Quilt

The backing has another rainbow. I made one large rainbow that spreads across the back of the quilt, with some of my Tag fabric from Connecting Threads on either side. Simple and effective. And if you don't mind the words of the quilting being backwards you could use this quilt from either side.

Rainbow quilt binding

Finally, I finished off the quilt with a rainbow binding. All the colours wrapped around. It ties the center portion of the quilt together. 

There are rainbow quilts, and then there are Pride quilts.