Shark Attack!

Improv quilt from Shark Week

Did you know a group of sharks is called a Shiver?

Things you learn watching Shark Week. And then Shark Week inspires you to get sewing. And sewing and sewing and sewing.

A few months ago a random comment on an Instagram post got me to make a few of these blocks. I was playing around with some improv work, focused on triangles. Someone said it made them think of shark fins. Then I decided to really make them look like shark fins. A few looked more like the top of witches hats, but then I sorted out the technique. So I made a handful, enjoyed the playtime, and set the blocks aside.

But then Shark Week started and all I could think about were these blocks again. I was out of town most of the week and desperate to sew. Upon my return I pulled all my blue/turquoise solids and went to sea. Now I've exhausted the stash of those colours. In my head the quilt isn't quite done yet so I need to do a bit more shopping. My Shiver is not complete.

I'm contemplating a video tutorial of this block. Is there any interest in that?