Improv Applique Top Done and Hand Quilting Suggestions

Improv Applique Quilt Top

When you just get addicted to the process it is hard to stop, but stop I did. I totally could have continued making more and more of these. They finish quick, they are perfectly portable, and there are endless fabric combinations. Can you imagine a bed sized quilt?

Alas, I stopped at 25 blocks. It makes for a 22.5'' x 22.5'' square. A lovely mini. Shocking, I know!

Now I need to quilt it. I've got this crazy idea. Crazy, mostly because it is hand quilting. It might also be crazy because I'm not sure it would work. Instead of any outlining or a running stitch I am thinking of doing something like an embroidery seed stitch all over. On a piece this size that should be manageable, right?