Kisses in Progress

I'm making progress on our anniversary quilt. These were some of the blocks yesterday. The blocks are 30" by 35''. By the end of the night I had the top together. It wasn't hard, there are only 9 of these giant blocks together to make up the king-sized quilt top.

The design for this top comes directly from Kananaskis. When Hubby saw it he said it was one of his favourite quilts I'd ever made. I knew I was going to do big blocks, but that pretty much sealed the deal.

So, I've got 6 weeks to finish it up. Once I work up the energy and flexibility to baste the thing. Did I mention it was king-sized?

Are Xs the hugs or kisses of Xs and Os? I routinely have this debate with my husband. I say Xs are the kisses and he argues the opposite. These are the things you talk about after almost 16 years together. What does it matter so long as there are still Xs and Os in your life?