For Peanut

This pretty stack NEEDED to be pulled last week. Not for a deadline, although there is that. Not for secret project, although I can't fully share it yet for reasons which will become shortly evident. Mostly, just because I had to. I've been overwhelmed and swamped with things that HAVE to be done. That meant I wasn't playing, I wasn't sewing just because. And I could tell. I was getting cranky, antsy, and frankly a bit bored with the necessary bits of life.

So I decided to pull a pretty pile of fabric and play. Look at all those solids! Well, for me they are a lot of solids. I pressed, I cut, I sewed, I played, I sewed, I pressed, and in my spare moments of time over two days I had a baby quilt.

And I felt so much better!

Not a moment too soon, either. It helped my sanity as our reno kicks into a very mess part and the pregnancy gets closer and closer to the end. Oh, and because this is destined to be a baby quilt for a new niece or nephew due to arrive any day now. See, there is a deadline and a sort of need for secrecy.

Look at us, my sister and I, getting SO CLOSE to the end we're giddy. Yeah, that's it.