Roughly 38'' by 50''

Inspired entirely by the rivers flowing through the Rocky Mountains near my home. And by the activities like camping and paddling that happen on or near those rivers.

This is a baby quilt for my still youngest nephew, the second son of my brother- and sister-in-law. He is a paddler and she is the driver for the paddlers. They've spent a big chunk of their adult lives by the Kananaskis. I was quite stuck on what to make for a baby quilt for this nephew, after the precedent I'd set with Your Parents Are Cool. Then we were all camping together this summer, on the shore of another river. Inspiration hit and this quilt was born.

Honestly, this was a pretty easy quilt to make - in my head. Put the strips together for the back, slice, and resew with the turquoise strips. Yeah, no. But I made it work in a way I'm really happy with. I added a contrasting back, quilted it with random straight lines in turquoise. Not too much quilting so it would stay soft and cuddly. Perfect for babies or a stuffed moose.

And then attempt to photograph it with four kids around...

Ah, that's better. With the recipient, my adorable nephew.