Forgiveness - Scrap Vortex Meets Improvised Words

Forgiveness Quilt - Scrap Vortex


80'' x 77''

When two quilts become one. When emotions transfer to your making. When the morning make becomes all consuming. When making a quilt is cheaper than the therapist.

Improvised Scrap Quilt With Words

This particular quilt started a few years ago. I called it Snippets on Dates back then. Take two little bits and sew them together. Repeat a thousand times, press. Sew pairs to pairs and so on. I had a small quilt together and there was no end to the little snippets. Around the same time Amanda Jean launched her Scrap Vortex Quilt Along. It got a lot of people looking at their scraps differently. Here and there I would take my overflowing bin of snippets and sew some together. Doing it bit by bit makes it less daunting, especially when most of the pieces are 2'' or smaller! But I never really moved further than that. Everything just sat around in my Quilts Under Construction pile.

Cue last summer. For one, my Morning Make became a serious commitment. As in, I wanted/needed to do it every day for my sanity. I like my Morning Make projects to be no brainers so I pulled this one out to start. Then my heart started turning over the word, the act, the emotion of Forgiveness. I decided sewing the word would help it burn into my brain and body, like I was taking notes for a test. Initially, I didn't actually see the two projects working together, I just happened to have them both out on the cutting table. They did really want to go together.

At this point I could go on some spiel about symbolism: the chaotic nature of our emotions with the quilt as metaphor. Uh, no. It really came down to the fact that even though I was making letter blocks to spell Forgiveness, I had no clue what to do with a really long, skinny quilt with just that word. While I thought about other words I put more snippets together. It seems obvious now, but it took me a few weeks to let the two projects play together. And then they became creative partners, propping each other up, no metaphors needed.

Forgiveness - Word Quilts and Scrap Vortex

I rather like that the word is a bit tough to see. It wasn't bad Value work on my part, it was intentional. Forgiveness is an internal emotion, I don't need it, or me, to shout its presence.  Oh wait, I just got symbolic. But I did tone down the value contrast intentionally. Rather, I didn't do really darks and really whites on purpose. But it is there. Another confession, I made that V three times.

The fabrics go all the way back - some 20 years, some last year. There are bits and pieces from other quilters in there, including leftover components already pieced. I did zero editing for style of fabric so everything is in here - batiks, civil war, 30s reproductions, modern, solids, linens, you name it!

The backing was a piece of yardage I picked up in Arizona last year, something random that reminded me of a painting in my childhood home.

As usual, I used Quilters' Dream 100% cotton Select weight batting.

It was quilted with a combination of Aurifil and Wonderfil threads in yellow, grey, green, and blue. Just things I had in my stash. I did wavy lines across the quilt and outlined the letters for a bit more emphasis.

When it came to binding I wasn't sure. Scrappy seemed to make sense, instead of suddenly adding one bit of order. Conveniently, I had a bowl full of binding scraps. I sewed them end to end and made my way around the quilt. 

Forgiveness Quilt/Scrap Vortex Scrappy binding

The last stitches actually went in the binding on New Years Day. Felt great to start the year with a finish, symbolic as it is.