Park Quilt Progress

Park Quilt Progress

Here is where I currently stand with my Park Quilt blocks. I have a 16th already on the go. 

If I stopped now the finished quilt would come in at about 70'' x 70'', once I press and square up the blocks. That's a pretty good size quilt. Definitely large enough to snuggle under, even with a guest. But it doesn't fit a bed. And frankly, I have a lot of quilts I can snuggle under. This might yet become a gift and I like the idea of gifting a bed quilt better. 

But that means 9 more blocks. Said that way it doesn't seem like that many. Truth be told, I think it could use a few more pop of orange too. Really, if I were to sit down and make a block from start to finish it takes me a couple of hours. So for maybe 20-25 hours of work I could have all the blocks done. Add another hour or so to get the top together and it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, right?


Park block, in progress