Hand Pieced Diamonds Ready for Layout

This is an old one!

I started these hand pieced diamonds back in 2011. Woah. For a few years it was my go-to hand project. Never a complaint about doing them at all. Then handwork fell to the side as my baby boy got bigger. Then I discovered appliqué. I'm sure I haven't sewn a stitch on this in at least 3 years.

In my recent clean-up of Quilts Under Construction I pulled these out for closer inspection. I even pressed them for the first time. Oy. There is a lot of mismatched seams. Oh well. And clearly I kept cutting them bigger because the more recent section does not match the original section at all. That's because I didn't use the same template throughout. I just grabbed a random diamond every time I needed to make more. Oh well.

Now I think it might be time to turn these into something. I did quite enjoy the hand piecing so I am going to continue with that. But first I have to decide on a layout.

Something like was my first instinct. That way it doesn't matter if the diamonds don't line up. Or maybe pull that small section out a bit further? And do something with those extra bits currently just pinned to the wall on the left.

Then I thought of doing something like this. Quite different. And now those extra bits could find a home. Or not.

I'll let them sit for a bit, but hopefully not five more years!