My Favourite Crafty Podcasts

When I'm in the sewing room I often like to have something on to listen to. Not watch, listen. If I'm watching something I get too distracted. A lot of the time it is music that I love, but when I have cutting or binding or something where I'm not using the machine too much I like to listen to podcasts.

There are a tonne of great podcasts out there, on all sorts of subjects. Of course, my go to ones are crafty! Here is a list of my favourite crafty podcasts.

Modern Sewciety
Stephanie Kendron hosts interviews with your favourite sewing celebrities. And I really like that you get to know a lot about her in the preambles to the show as well as the interviews.

American Patchwork and Quilting Radio
Pat Sloan is an icon in this industry. Her unabashed enthusiasm for all things quilting and sewing shines on the show.

Crafty Planner
Sandi Hazelwood's conversations with her guests are so thoughtful, yet it feels like a relaxed conversation. I always look forward to new episodes.

While She Naps
Abby Glassenberg covers far more than sewing in her podcast, but it is wonderful to get some different perspectives from similar industries.

Seamwork Radio
A tie in to the Seamwork magazine by Colette patterns, Seamwork Radio tackles storytelling in a very different way when it comes to sewers. It always has me thinking.

Slow Stitching
Mark Lipinski has been quite sick so there aren't any new episodes, but the archives are worth a listen. It is so inspirational, regardless of the stitch craft on the art and necessity of slowing down.

Jennifer Ackerman has a huge library of podcasts with crafting stars. It is about much more than sewing so I find continued inspiration among people I might never have encountered before.

What's Your Story
Meighan O'Toole is no longer recording shows, but definitely take a look at her archive. Some unexpected treasures in her interviews.

There are more podcasts out there, so if you listen to other ones, please share them in the comments. I would love to know what you listen to!