Orange Log Cabin Variations For My Son

A certain 3 year old boy is very, very excited for this quilt. I finished the top last week and his impatience for a finished quilt may not outlast my desire to wait for a certain fabric to be released in a few weeks, a fabric I want for the back of this. (Hoping for the large scale print from Carkai.)

His impatience for the quilt is only slightly above his impatience for enough snow to go sledding. If he can't ride his bike then that is an acceptable alternative. With the first snow only arriving yesterday and days staying below freezing it is an odd limbo that is tantamount to torture. But he has both the quilt and the snow to look forward to, right?

If you want to be a really good blogger, I recommend never making quilts with orange or red in them. So damn hard to photograph! Well, at least with my skills it is. But his favourite colour is orange and so orange the quilt must be. This is was the best I can do with the shot. Oy.

My plan for quilting is either an organic grid or something all over. It's a busy quilt top, so the quilting provides texture more than anything. Just need to get that fabric and wash my floors.