The Super Awesome Coloring Book (Weekend Reads)

If you haven't heard about the colouring book trend for adults then you are probably living like a hermit with no internet or TV and never a trip to a book store. Colouring books are HUGE. There are articles about the trend and research on the stress reducing aspects. 

When it first burst out I kind of shook my head and rolled my eyes, if I'm being totally honest. They're just colouring books after all. And it isn't like anyone who is a parent hasn't sat down to colour a million times in their life already! But, I have to admit now, I'm enjoying them. If only for the visuals.

In fact, I bet a bunch of people are buying them and not even colouring because they look so good! For quilters and other surface pattern lovers this is a boon for us probably more than anyone. We get another way to enjoy the design sensibilities of our favourite artists. 

Mark Cesarik is once such artist. He's designed some lovely fabric on top of having the cutest baby. I've enjoyed working with Mark in the past so I was happy to share his new colouring book when he asked.

Not all colouring books are created equal. Some are quite detailed, requiring super sharp pencil crayons or fine tip markers. Not to mention the patience of Job to colour them in! Many are designed around a theme - gardens, cities, mandalas, architecture styles. You name it, you can find it.

Two things I particularly like about The Super Awesome Coloring Book are, one, the varied imagery. There is no theme, just fun drawings. Some are in repeat, some are not. (The first page I went to was the mid mod chairs, of course.) And two, that the sheets are single sided. It's a small thing, but especially when you are colouring with markers that is a really nice feature.

Jenean Morrison, another wonderful artist with fabric, actually published the book. She's published her own, but is now licensing designers.

This colouring book trend has already lasted longer than I expected it to. Now that I've had some moments to sit quietly I get it. Plus, colour!