His Room - Before

Because his room has been nothing but a crib and a dumping ground for hand-me-downs.
Because he deserves a brighter place to play.
Because we emptied a bunch of stuff out of the closet to move it into our new one in the basement.
Because Hubby was away.
Because I needed a break from quilting.

Last week I took it upon myself to redo The Garbage Truck's room. (Have I mentioned that is what the girls call their baby brother?).  Time to make it just his, and not the repository for our socks and underwear, quilting books, the girl's keepsakes, and other detritus of our lives. It isn't quite done yet, but close. I'll share the after photos next week, as long as you promise not to look too closely at my painting. I'll never win awards or write a book on that!