Friday Favourite - The Monster

If it wasn't for the arrival of this amazing creature seven years ago I wouldn't be here at all. I mean, literally here in this space on the internet. That's because her arrival in my life forced me to see who I really was. In order to be the best mother, the best potential role model for the tiny creature placed in my arms after months of stress, I needed to be true to myself. That meant embracing my creative side and putting them out into the world. If it wasn't for her arrival I would never have started writing again, I never would have met all of you, I never would have been honestly happy with myself.

Besides all that, she has the best giggle in the entire world, she is empathetic beyond her years, her brain works in the most awesomely logical way, her contemplative nature fights with her energy daily, her fashion sense is to be admired but not necessarily copied, and she loves people in a way that has no boundaries.