Clear the Decks

So, remember that WIP list? It grew. I couldn't help myself! But the more I talked about that list the more embarrassed I was. Not so much overwhelmed, but shamed by it. Was I that incapable of finishing something? What was I avoiding by constantly giving in to my impulse to create new things? (Oh the therapy required...) Really, though, I just get excited by new ideas and put all things aside to create. I know I'm not alone in that.

I also know that I was putting off quilting a very large quilt. The literal elephant in my sewing room was my anniversary quilt. King sized, already basted, thread in hand, and the dread of quilting that on my home machine. Totally doable, but daunting in thought. I also knew that finishing it would be freeing, not to mention kind of me since this was an anniversary present for our anniversary last year.

So I grabbed my specially purchased pink thread. (Thank-you Andrea for helping me pick it.) I loaded up my bobbins and some Downton Abbey. And I also cleaned off my design wall and packed away the WIPs I've been playing with. No distractions! I think that was the hardest part. And the most necessary.

So, this morning, after a few hours of quilting I don't feel like I made much of a dent in the quilting, but I started. And I'm not even sitting at the table to type this. I am not taking that quilt off the table until it is done. I swear. No new projects until the label is on this thing and it graces our bed.

Hold me to it.