Studio Update

There are so many times in the last year where I've wanted to write this post and say that it was all done, I'm in, things are sort of settled, but there are so many details to be finished. You'll see. Not to mention the rest of the house.

To be honest, I think my Hubby worked hard to get me in here so I have some peace while chaos still reigns in the rest of the house. He does like his marriage, after all.

Here are some of the previous states...
Just a chair - when I thought I would be sewing soon. Ha!
Prepping for carpet  - doorway before.
Putting in windows - which let in a tremendous amount of light that make this a glorious space to be in.
Before - well and truly it is hard to believe this sat where my sewing table now sits.

Now? Well now I can sew in here... write... drink tea with friends... play around on my design wall... entertain the tiny, crazy visitors that never leave me alone... hide in the early mornings and not wake up anyone with my sewing... host guests on a rather comfy - albeit firm - flip sofa covered in quilts... and remind myself daily that hard work and patience do really pay off.

 Design wall going up.

Doors leading in.

The Evil Genius created a lair.

A built-in bookshelf to be.

My jars now live on the floor, for full access by little hands.

I started sewing standing up before the real table was in and haven't moved yet.

Guest bed, dreaming spot.

A little girl has been here. (And, my windows need to be cleaned and that drain hose moved come spring.)

These will be part of the inspiration wall.

My new favourite spot, surrounded by love, peace, and colour.