Creative Thursday (Weekend Reads)

A book with with pretty and cute, as well as some gentle kicks in the butt and encouragement for living a creative life. A short and sweet summary of Creative Thursday: Everyday Inspiration to Grow Your Creative Practice by Marisa Anne.

It's no secret that I've been a big fan of Marisa's for years. I've taken her on-line classes, participated in a creative community she led, and even created works inspired by her own. She's also been a big supporter of mine, sending me fabric treats and lovely prints when I order other ones. I'll be honest, I'm surprised I like her work so much. I don't generally go for cute and sweet, it just isn't my thing. But Marisa, and her work, radiate happiness. Positivity isn't something I instinctively grasp, but it is impossible not to smile when you see her work. I imagine it is the same thing when you meet her in person.

This is gushing, I realize that. but I do have to give Marisa credit for reminding me that happiness is sometimes a choice. It really is and choosing happiness makes a world of difference in getting through life.

Marisa's book is also about choosing creativity, about the active decision to live with creativity as a daily part of your day. Personally, this isn't a problem for me these days. I know that I thrive when I get the chance to write, sew, doodle, play with fabric, colour, and daydream. But it took me a long time to realize that I needed it as much as I did, longer yet to make the time for it. For people just beginning that journey Marisa walks them through it. No, she walks beside you, as if she's got a lollipop in hand and having the conversation right with you. All the way from intentions, resistance, to habit formation.

For people like me who feel very comfortable in their creative existence the book is still full of ideas for enhancing your practice as well as good notes on the doubts and conflicts we come across. The discussions about resistance we create and face, as well as the ever present comparison and competition issues are great. For me they are great starts to a discussion I know I could dig into with many a colleague and friend.

My biggest complaint about the book is her publisher's insistence on putting their website on nearly page. It's rather distracting.

This is Marisa's book, so the artwork is all hers and it truly is a reflection of her creativity practice. Don't expect a more general outlook on creativity. If you aren't already a fan of her work, you will be. It's hard not to get captured by her energy.

Note: I purchased this book myself.