Book or Baby?

Well, I've come to 31 weeks pregnant! If it wasn't for an extended bout of single parenting I'd probably be managing the pregnancy quite well too. I'm exhausted - what with the kidlets, the dragon in my belly, keeping up with my nesting instinct, and the bits of work I manage to get in there. Oh, and the quilting.

At this point I am trying to clean up the house because it is becoming evident that the basement won't be done before baby arrives. That means this dragon will need a home. I predict a basket on the dining room table, just like the girls. So I'm cleaning up piles of crap and organizing things to find just a bit of empty space for breathing room.

I'm also gathering. Books and things for the girls to keep them busy during those long hours of nursing at the beginning. A stack of projects to plug away on in any free moments. The cell numbers of our neighbourhood friends when I need a playdate or school pick-up. Just the basics.

And I, we, are planning for the arrival of Sunday Morning Quilts too. We've heard that advance copies are on their way to us, but we've yet to see them. The book itself should be shipping to stores and pre-orders in March at some point.

That leads me to a little bet we've got going on. Which will come first - the book or the baby?

You see, both the girls were born at 37 weeks. That's only 6 weeks from now, right around St. Patrick's Day. As opposed to my due date, on Easter weekend.

I thought I would let you all in on our bet. So, leave a comment below with your best guess on book and baby arrival. Pick a date for both. For example, Baby - March 15 and Book March 20.

Obviously, the baby's arrival will be confirmed by me. As to the book's arrival, I will go with the first date I hear of someone getting their book(s). This can be an individual or a store. Be honest, now.

The winner will be the person closest on both accounts. I'll put together a little prize. Depending on how well the baby is doing it may or may not include the baby. (Kidding.) I've also got a poll going in the sidebar, just for fun.

May the best person win. Oh wait, I'm pretty sure that gets to be me. May the next best person win.