One of these days I'll finish a quilt. For now, I'm comfortable starting more.

This is the stack of fabrics I put together for a quilt I'm making my husband for our upcoming 10th anniversary. It might seem girly, but these were our wedding colours. Colours that he loved then (or so he said) and I'm hoping he'll still like. It's for a king sized quilt that is for a date that is 2 months away. Yup, I am purely insane.

Insanely in love.

(Ugh, gag me with a spoon.)

I'll do my best. I got this quilt in my head and I'm on a mission.

BTW, did I mention that our anniversary is more or less my due date? I probably should have done that when I introduced The Bet the other day.

(BTW, he doesn't read the blog at all, so the only way he'll find out is if certain people say something to him. You know who you are - keep your mouth shut!)