Scrap Splatter Done

Scrap Splatter 2011
30'' by 30''

There is no other name for it.

I did think about, quite literally splattering the little squares across the quilt top, much like my little one did across the dining room table. Then I sat down to sketch. And my girls sat down with me. Instead of family portraits The Monster asked if she could sketch quilts too. Together, her and I came up with this design.

In the interest of the challenge I used the Kona white I had, added a few other scraps (in solids only), and used a batting scrap. It's a poly blend batting, not my favourite, but it was what I had around in the right size. Because I like to be different I did the quilting in turquoise, not white. Goes well with the binding, doesn't it?

Soon enough it will become a little playmat for the neighbour's brand new baby. If it doesn't get stolen by a certain baby loving child of mine.