Valuable Finish

Values Quilt
66'' Square

Finally, a finish. Well, almost. I haven't come up with a name for this one yet.

This one is a long time coming. It feels like it, at least. I started this one back in April. I'm usually much faster than this. Oh well. I fully claim life as getting in the way. It happens. And I'm okay with that. Lately, however, I've been craving finishes. I've got a few more going on, I'll keep you posted on those.
Once I got it basted it only took me a week to finish it. Really it took only one full day to quilt it. The one day Hubby gave me and I took it. Another evening and I had the binding on it. We went away for the weekend two weeks ago and I stitched away happily in the evenings at my MIL's.

The quilting is pretty darn simple. I can see why so many stick with simple straight lines. It's mindless, sure, but it gets things done quickly. For the one square section I went with these freehand and rather primitive hearts. The Monster is very big into drawing hearts these days, so that's where these came from.

The binding is this blue green. I found the quilt to be quite pink/red. Lots of warm tones. So I bound it in blue. The quilting is actually in two different blues as well. I think it balances things out a little bit better. What do you think?

Someone else has already taken to it quite quickly.