A Pretty Thing

Just a scarf.

You've heard me say it before, but I really don't like to sew clothes. There are so many delicious patterns out there and loads of fabric that I do think would make better clothes than quilts, but I can't quite get motivated to break out pattern pieces.

When Jacquie sent me a piece of Anna Maria Horner Good Folks voile I wasn't confident that it would work in a quilt. Yes, all together with a whole bunch of voiles would be fantastic, but I also don't generally do single fabric line quilts. Geez, I really am a picky quilter!

The voile is just too pretty to leave languishing in a stash bin. Unbelievably soft too. Yes, it would make a gorgeous blouse or summer dress. With my clothing sewing skills, however, I also thought it would make a lovely scarf.

Selvage to selvage it is a bit shorter than the conventional 42-44 inches. This makes it too short to be good scarf. When I went searching for a coordinating print I couldn't help but take out an older AMH fabric in that pink. So one side is AMH, the other is grey. A quilter's linen and a Lecien print I picked up in Ontario.

This is ridiculously easy to make. Sew your front pieces together, sew your back pieces together. Then, wrong sides together sew around almost all four sides. Leave a spot to turn it right side out, after clipping the excess fabric from the corners. Top stitch all the way around.

This scarf now goes with me everywhere. I'm not generally a pretty kind of gal when I dress, but I do adore this scarf and even though it is plain jane construction, it makes me feel very pretty to wear it.