While you are enjoying the mediocre quality of the photo above, let me start my rant about iPhone photography. Just because you have an iPhone and you can get all the apps, like Camera Bag, to apply filters to your photos does not make you a creative photographer. Nor does it necessarily make you a good photographer.

I feel totally justified in my rant today because I broke my camera on Friday. An hour before The Monster's birthday party I dropped it. Sigh. So today I confirmed that the camera isn't worth fixing, the replacement one I wanted is currently sold out, and the SLR I really want is currently out of the budget. As I am completely incapable of living without a camera we picked up a little point and shoot.

Can I admit that I feel like kind of a loser with my little camera? Yes, I am that snobby. It feels like the camera a teenage girl usually has. Oh wait, that's not true. She has an iPhone and thinks she is some kind of photographer.

Now, I don't claim to be a great, or even good photographer. But I do love to try and learn with every time I turn on the camera. So, if you notice a change in the photos here, you know why.

In the meantime, the photo above was taken with my Blackberry. I had to snap the picture because I was in love with the colour combo of my outfit (royal blue and turquoise) and the necklace I picked up at Market Collective that day. Thank-you to White Owl Porcelain for this gorgeous sea urchin necklace. So delicate and pretty. It might make up for the broken camera.