Low Volume Circles

I cannot stress how much I LOVE this quilt top.

First, it came together quickly. Long strips with appliqued circles. Some prep work, but it was all manageable.

Second, it was a lovely project to work on until I felt good enough to be at the machine again. The only machine work on the top was sewing the strips together. And the back is coming together quite easily too. There isn't a lot of up and down for ironing.

Third, it is big (twin size). That means it isn't a small project that I haven't a clue what to do with in the end. My only wish is that I had a precious room and twin bed to decorate around this quilt.

Finally, it is such a contrast to all the bright work I do. The concept of working with low volume fabrics is very refreshing. Kind of like a sorbet course in a big meal. And all that white? So not me, but so, so perfect.