Friday Favourites - Quilts of 2009

In the midst of year end posts and resolutions that so many of us make, I wanted to share some of my favourites from the past year.  These aren't my quilts.  They are quilts I've found on-line that either challenge me, inspire me, or simply make me smile.

I am amazed by Victoria's creativity and unique approach to design.  She makes me want to pick up a needle and hand quilt something, anything, everything.

This is a perfect example of taking inspiration and making it your own.  r0ssie did ask me if she could take my design from Your Parents Are Cool and run with it.  I certainly appreciate that she asked.  And I love what she did with it.

Square Dance by Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts
I'll admit that I am not generally a fan of charm quilts.  Simplicity is lovely, but it can get boring or predictable.  With this quilt Amanda Jean varied the size of the charms to create such movement.  This quilt is simple, but so dynamic. (Amanda Jean isn't blogging anymore, so make sure to keep up with her work on Flickr.)

Amy does fantastic, bold yet simple quilts.  We all know about my circle love, that's why this quilt calls to me.  I've also been growing on the notion of scrappy quilts lately (in case you couldn't tell).

Orangeblue (UFO) by leslieschmidt4
I know this one kind of looks like my Gratitude design. Believe me when I say it was unintentional.  I already had my quilt designed when I came across this quilt.  Isn't is fantastic? I am also in love with this one by the same artist.

Wanda has a fantastic eye for colour in her quilts.  She works from patterns at times and you would be hard pressed to put her in any sort of a box when it comes to style.  I love that about her.  And her use of fabric is amazing - notions of light, space, and movement come across regardless of the quilt she makes.  These Cobblestones quilts are a perfect example of her work.

Construction Quilt by Zonnah's Addictions
This quilt has a such a sense of humour and some fantastic design. The quilting, with it's variation in spacing is perfect complement to the arrows.  

Victoria manages to churn out quilts so quickly and with such a refreshing sense of improv and brightness.  I'm hard pressed to pick some of my favourites of hers, but this one comes close. Probably because I also live vicariously through her life in New York City and this one screams skyscraper to me!

It's no secret that I love colour.  How fantastic is this? It isn't a quilt, but it is stunning.  It is also making me think a little bit more about embroidery. With a colour project of my own underway this wheel serves as a bit of inspiration.

I hope that little list gave you some more inspiration, and maybe introduced you to a few new spots on the interwebs. I'll be back next week with a project update.  I've been sewing up a storm and I can't wait to share these blocks with you.