Colour Everywhere

It's the depths of winter here.  Okay, it should be, but we are having a warm break and thaw.  I refuse to get too comfortable, because I know winter is going to return with a harsh slap in the face any day now. With the colour blocks I'm working on I find myself returning to and finding new, colour-focused posts and pictures. I thought I would share another round of inspirational links with you.

For one of the most comprehensive free posts explaining the basics of colour and how it can be used to best effect for us quilters I love this colour tutorial from Elizabeth at Oh Fransson

What colour are you? I loved this recent post from Victoria where she asked her readers what colour they think they are. I actually had to stop and think about it. My first thoughts go to red because that is, without a doubt, my favourite colour. But if you look at my stash I have more greens and blues that any other fabric. When it comes down to it though orange is the colour I first go to and the one I surround myself with. I am an orange.

If you dye your own fabric you probably have a good understanding of colour and the colour wheel. Even if you don't dye then it still helps to have a detailed understanding of colour theory. In this post you can get into some of the nitty gritty details of different colour theories. It's perfect for colour geeks like me.

Color Mastery author Maria Peagler has a great slidecast tutorial on creating a colour wheel from your own stash.  She is worth listening to as she has some great ideas on personalizing it for your own stash and taste. And since finding this post I feel the need to burn the credit card on her book and this one too. Did I mention that I was a colour geek?

Now, what about some real-life inspiration? I've come across many version of colour wheel quilts, coin quilts in rainbow shades, and so many perfect examples of different fabric combinations. You can always do your own browsing through Flickr. Here are some of my favourites.

Spot On by Red Pepper Quilts
Palette is not a quilt, per se, but a photo collage by jakerome
Color Swirls by jgmehlin

Hubby and I are off for a weekend of ski and spa.  I'm sure I'll come back with tonnes of white and grey inspiration after all this colour talk.