Hopscotch - Perfect Kids Quilt with Tag Fabrics

Hopscotch quilt with Tag Fabrics


70'' x 88''

In the fabric design process not everything makes it. My designs evolved, changed, and both got cut and grew. One of the prints that got cut was based off sidewalk chalk games, like Hopscotch and Four Square. The entire line is based on the marks that we make throughout our life, so the sidewalk chalk made so much sense. But things happen. And so when that design got cut I immediately regrouped and designed an entire quilt around Hopscotch! Win win.

And can we talk about that 80s laser school photo background quilting? Not planned to be that influence, it was about adding colour to the quilt, but oh so fun.

Hopscotch quilt Tag Fabrics

This pattern is really easy. Some applique for the numbers, but otherwise straight piecing and not much of it, really. This makes it perfect for impatient children who just want it done so they can play!

My son, who is now 5, was desperate for this quilt to be finished and then back home so he could play. The day it arrived back from Connecting Threads it was immediately spread on the living room floor and painted rocks procured. We hopscotched with the snow falling for over an hour. Currently, it is hanging over some furniture in his room creating a fort, a fort he slept in last night. It is truly a kids quilt. 

The pattern itself makes a twin sized quilt, but with some wider side borders it is easily transported to a double/full bed. You can buy the pattern from my own Etsy store, or both the pattern and a full kit direct from Connecting Threads

Whether you use Tag fabrics or any favourites of your own, this quilt is a guaranteed smile maker!