Ellipsis Mini Quilt - Tag Fabric Kit Possibilities

Tag Fabric Cheryl Arkison Ellipsis Quilt


18'' x 22''

Look, a mini quilt! Yes, I made a mini quilt. It isn't often.

Even better, I made a pattern for this mini quilt. You can get it as a kit too.

When I was designing the Tag fabric collection of course I was also designing quilts to use the fabric. It only made sense that one of the quilts would be rooted in writing. I chose my favourite, and too often used, punctuation mark. By that, I mean I use it too often. The ellipsis says so much, without having to say anything.

And I can't be the only one that says "dun dun duuun" in my head when reading it. Okay, maybe I am.

The ellipsis implies suspense, but does so in a lazy way. It tells the reader there is more without saying anything. It can be overused in writing, especially in my own text conversations. Despite it's laziness I still love it.

Ellipsis Quilt Tag Fabric Cheryl Arkison Connecting Threads

The mini itself is quite simple. Some of my favourite prints from Tag for the applique circles. Colours to minic the intention of ruled paper. Easily whipped up for you, your best student, youradmired writer.

Connecting Threads sells a complete kit to make this mini. (It's currently on sale too!)

I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with your own ellipsis. What story do you have to tell? What mysteries will you tease? Oh, the possibilities...