Self Portrait - Making Faces With Melissa Averinos

Using air quotes in print infuriates me. (So does asterisks around an action to indicate action, but that is another story.) That being said, I almost put them around the words Self Portrait in the title. My eyes aren't really that colour nor are they that pretty. The fabric selection implies I wear eyeliner or mascara and I rarely wear either. My eyebrows are not grey. I do have pretty lips though.

Being real isn't the point here. It looks like a pretty good face, doesn't it?

I made this face in class with Melissa Averinos at QuiltCon in February. Having been totally taken with her face quilt at last year's QuiltCon this class was my top choice when registration opened. I was not disappointed.

Melissa spent a lot of time in the class teaching us the structure of the face. She started with having us draw a face, then breaking down components and proportion. Totally eye opening! I've never had any drawing training like this. It meant that even if we got figurative with features, it would still be very recognizable as a face. Now, I want to make all the faces!

It isn't for me to share Melissa's exact technique - she does teach this class for a living - but I can say that it was incredible easy to execute. Not to mention, fun!

So far I've only done the quilting on this - simple matchstick quilting. I'm not sure if I will bind it the traditional way or get creative with framing. Time will tell. 

My kids say that this mini quilt is creepy. I'll take that as a compliment, a testament to the skills Melissa taught me about making eyes. And they need to get over that because I think it would be fantastic to do portraits of the whole family.