The Splendid Sampler - First 10 Blocks

In all honesty, I am shocked that I am here. Ten blocks into a 100 block sampler and I'm actually on track and still making blocks. This is made all the more shocking by three things:

  • Embroidery
  • Small, precise piecing
  • Block styles that are so not my norm

That's the exciting part though. It may be work and a challenge for me, but that is exactly why I am doing it. We all need a push out of the comfort zone sometimes. And there is no improv in this sampler, as far as I can tell, until my block. (And that is only a tiny amount as it is.)

I nearly gave up. If it wasn't the 1'' squares it was the embroidery. So not my world. And I have a lot to learn about both of these skills. Then there is probably someone else in the group incredibly comfortable with these and freaking out over applique or getting precise points. I forged through and so can you.

At the beginning of The Splendid Sampler I know there was a lot of stress about fabrics. I ended up raiding my scraps bins. You need little pieces of everything so it is perfect for scraps. Now that I am this far in I think I will end up in stash for the black and whites. I also think I am going to change colours now. Maybe make a change every 10 blocks. That should help keep my interest up and perhaps make a tiny dent in the scrap bin. Besides, I've never really made a rainbow quilt.

Even 10 blocks in I see so much potential in the designs. So many of these blocks could be made many times over for really interesting quilts. The patterns are worth it for that inspiration alone! If you are following along on Facebook or Instagram it is incredible to see the difference fabric makes in the blocks. Some people are getting a bit creative with their interpretations, but I really like the blocks that allow some personality to seep in while still respecting the original design. 

If you aren't up to speed on The Splendid Sampler, make sure to check out the website. 100 free block patterns over the course of a year! Eventually, the blocks will be put into a book format by our fearless leaders Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson. If I continue to keep up my blocks will eventually make it into a quilt.