Quilts Under Construction - 2015 in Review

It seems I missed the last quarter's summary. Oops! Although, if I'm being honest, there wasn't much to report in terms of movement on this list in the 3rd quarter. But with a new year it is time to start fresh.

I cleaned out my one closet that stores a lot of the Quilts Under Construction. Only because I was looking for something specific and couldn't find it. It was a good thing to do. I resorted, reevaluated, and restocked the shelves. Some things are now off this list because I know I will NEVER get to them. So I started a pile for a quilty garage sale in the spring. Some quilt tops, sets of blocks, and fabric. It's good to let go.

The other difference is that I truly separated out class samples. In time they may make it on this list, but if they never make it out of the class bin then there is no point to them being here.

So, the number looks different. I am still totally okay with this number. In fact, I don't give a poop what the number is. I care that the projects are still interesting to me.

Quilts Being Quilted

1. Low Volume Circles
This might be the winter I embrace hand quilting. Maybe.
2. Antonio's Quilt
It is half done and I've pulled it out of the closet. It is the first one up for January. I swear.

Quilt Tops Ready for Quilting

3. A giant version of the Legendary Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman. We finished it yesterday so look for it here in the coming days.
4. Improv Sampler
5. Checkerboard from Sunday Morning Quilts
6. Slaveship Quilt
7. The Evil Genius' Triangle Quilt
8. Giant Hexagons
In a recent clean-up I found a block from my bee that missed getting in the quilt. So yes, I do plan on inserting it into the finished quilt.
9. Lilac Lovely
10. Cirrus Solids Pinwheel top
11. Solid Sunday Morning
12. Oh Canada Quilt in Red
13. Orange Is For Nerds
Just waiting for Carkai to be available in my LQS as I am stuck on a certain print being the backing for this quilt.
14.  A mini/small quilt in a low volume rainbow. Geez, get it done already!
15. Shh...
My low volume Shoeman's Puzzle quilt top. So excited about this one.
16. Circle Lattice
17. Mod Christmas Tree Take 2

Blocks and Process

18. Beach Grass Take 2
19. The girls' clothes turned into a quilt with the Gee's Bend quilters.
20. Hand Pieced Diamonds
21. A values quilt in neutrals
There are more than enough blocks after teaching this class a half dozen times that it needs to be turned into a quilt now.
22. Edges/Studio Stash Play
This is one that has been on my mind lately... It may be a few months before I get to it though.
23. A found quilt top that I would like to overdye in Indigo as an experiment.
Risky? Absolutely. When the weather is warm enough to try it outside I have it on the agenda. So, in 6 months.
24. Mid Mod Bee
25. Snippets on Dates
Technically this could be a finished quilt top, but the snippets never end. And I have that issue with not making small quilts.
26. The X-Plus blocks I used in the Creative Live Quilting with Low Volume Fabrics class.
Periodically I pull out fabric and make one more. I like the break of precision piecing.
27. Respite - a project started in a Bill Kerr design workshop
28. Chandelier quilt
This one might get some attention this year. It was always one with a certain recipient in mind and she could probably use it one of these days.
29. Name quilt for my daughter
30. Park blocks
Up to 10 right now. Again, could finish at a decent size, but I will likely make many more.
31. A whole bunch of pinwheels that I'm playing with. Started as prep for my CreativeLive Pinwheel Play class.
32. Piecemakers/Peacemakers 
My Gee's Bend inspired blocks after my trip to Alabama are coming together, slowly. Definitely a project for the right kind of time.
33. Small Wonders
Some test panels of Flying Geese are made and I've shared a few Periscope broadcasts on this project.
34. Liberty Circles
35. Pieced Stars - in recent weeks I've made a few more stars. Crazy precision piecing kick I've been on.
27. The Water Quilt
I know I said I wasn't counting class blocks, but I now have enough blocks to turn this into a quilt. Maybe very soon.
30. Y2K quilt
31. Another leaders and enders project, intended to be like Up, Up, and Away from Sunday Morning Quilts
32. Round and Round blocks - Up to 16 of these now.
34. Leftovers from Modern Paris
These almost got put into the garage sale pile. They may still end up there.
36. Paperless paper piecing block from my class with Cristy Flincher. I once thought it needed to be the start of a medallion quilt, but I've dug into my solids stash and the same colours are long gone. So, we'll see what happens.

+ one bit of secret sewing that is in the quilting phase.

2015 Finishes

Vintage French Quilt
QuiltCon Quilt
Values Plus
Argyle I and II
Glitter Pen
Aloha Kakou
+ two more bits of secret sewing that will be revealed in a month or so.

Most of those finishes were in the early part of the year. Not much sewing over the summer and fall as the family demanded more time. I feel more in control of my time and reactions to time. And I am committed to some more finishes before more starts. Although really, I didn't start much last year either!

This year, like all others will be busy. There will be more secret sewing (!!), unexpected inspiration that HAS to be acted on, and a very indelicate balance between life, work, and fun. I'm glad you are along for the ride.