Creativity in Quilting Input Needed

Dear readers, I need your help. I've got something in the works and I'm looking for input. Any feedback you can provide would be really helpful.

Not everyone uses patterns when quilting. And some people never use patterns. I know we've discussed this in the past, but I really want to dig deep into this. Pretend I am your therapist, tell me your real reasons for sticking with patterns. Are you afraid? What are you afraid of? If you decide to go out on your own does anything beat you down? Do you hold yourself back? Does someone else hold you back?

I'm looking for what quilters perceive as the limitations to their own creativity.  Because, whether you believe it or not, we are all creative when it comes to our craft. It's just that not everyone sees that in themselves. I want to know why not.

In the flip side, many have no qualms at all about creativity. They feel confident when it comes to doing their own thing. What about their approach or mindset makes these people different?

As I said, any input you provide be valuable to me. If you prefer to comment anonymously I totally understand. And feel free to send me an email directly if that is your preference.