The Last Photo

This is the last photo taken with my trusty camera, a Canon G11. I've had that camera for over 4 years now. It replaced the one I bought to replace the one I dipped in the Sea of Cortez a little over 5 years ago. This one met it's untimely demise in that pool there, right after the sun officially set.


Frankly, it was time for a new camera. The software was all wonky and the lens had a small scratch. I was contemplating an upgrade to a proper DSLR anyway. But an unceremonious flinging out of my bag as I go to put it on my shoulder was not my plan for retirement. I've got a short term solution in place, but it is time for the full upgrade. Wee!

In related news, that pic was taken in Turks and Caicos a month ago. Hubby and I escaped for our first trip away together - not work or wedding related - since our honeymoon twelve years ago. It was a trip we needed in so many ways. And while it pained me not to have a camera for the rest of the trip (I dunked mine on day 2) it was also kind of freeing. I stopped thinking about capturing moments and actually lived them. That was what we needed as a couple. And really, how many pictures of turquoise waters does one need?