Friday Favourites - Swobe

It isn't quite the end of February and people across North America are deep in the whine of winter. That is, there is a lot of whining about winter being so, so long. Now, if you live somewhere that doesn't normally get snow and there is still a storm or two on the way then I will concede to your whining. But if you live somewhere that does get snow, does get below freezing, then I have zero sympathy for you.

It was snowing the day I landed from Quilt Market - before Halloween. And the snow will not be off the ground until probably April here. If we're lucky. Now I realize that folks who grow up on the Canadian Prairies (or the North) are simply just used to this long, cold weather. It doesn't stop many from here whining either though.

Enough is enough. It's still winter. Embrace it. Cook a stew. Spend a day baking so that the oven warms the house. (Upgrade your furnace and insulation next summer). Put on a sweater and pour a cup of tea. In my case, I will cozy up in my Swobe.

Swobe is a completely made up word, much like swacket. Outside of my house they are likely never used.

Sweater + Robe = Swobe
Sweater + jacket = Swacket

And I love my Swobe. I picked up in November from Anthro (and it isn't available unless on sale in the stores). It is half sweatshirt (it has a jersey for a lining), half sweater, half robe. I don't think I would wear it outside of the house, but here at home it is the perfect thing to make a winter's day just a little bit warmer.