Friday Favourites - The London Fog

I LOVE tea. Really love tea. Especially Earl Grey.

My tea ritual starts before I go to bed. I make sure the tea pot is rinsed out and the kettle full. That way all I have to do is hit the button on my electric kettle as soon as I get out of bed. While the kettle boils I usually check Instagram for the overnight feed and try not to munch on any cookies that might be leftover from the previous day's baking. When my tea is ready I settle in to catch up on the world and start my day's work on the computer. If I have writing to do I like to jump right in. Otherwise I sip and browse the world from my laptop.

All of this, implies that I am getting a quiet, lonely start to the morning. If I sleep in or have to get up and do things with the kids right away I do not make my tea. I love the ritual almost more than the caffeine so I wait. And if that moment never comes I do the next best thing at some point in the afternoon - I make a London Fog.

I discovered London Fogs years ago at some random coffee shop. Seeing as I don't drink coffee I am always aware of my other options. When the barista suggested a London Fog after I hesitated on the default hot chocolate, I nearly turned him down. But then he used the words vanilla and Earl Grey in the same sentence. And done.

That being said, I don't often order them when I'm out. The vast majority of places - chain or independent - make a London Fog with vanilla syrup. This results in a drink that is too sweet for my liking. Instead, I save my London Fogs for afternoons spent stitching or painting with the kids. For the random moments I get alone in the winter sun. For my leftover Earl Grey (sacrilege, I know).

Cheryl's London Fog

Equal parts Earl Grey and Milk
Vanilla Extract

Heat together the tea and milk. If you are using fresh tea, brew it like you want to drink it and combine with hot - never cold - milk. (I do not have a microwave, so I simply heat mine on the stovetop.)

For every cup you make add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a teaspoon of honey.

Sip and Enjoy.