Friday Favourites - Northern Exposure Sweatshirt

Let's just say that I graduated high school a long time ago. Back when Northern Exposure was about the most awesome TV show on the planet, followed closely by Twin Peaks. I have no idea where I found this sweatshirt back then, but I am so glad I did.

And yes, I still wear it. The flannel shirt too (It's even older - it was the early 90s, after all).

I have two seasons of the show on DVD and I wish I had them all (but with the original music). And iTunes doesn't have it, argh. If I had it then I could cozy up in my flannel and sweatshirt, cook up a moose meatloaf, and settle in for a long winter's watch. Or could someone at least record all of Chris' soliloquies and release it as a podcast?