Friday Favourite - Spirals

This past summer I took the kids to the M.C. Escher exhibit at the Glenbow Museum. Cool enough for them, but they were more interested in the glowing rocks in the Minerals room and the crafts they always have in the ARC Discovery Room. And when we discovered that one of the activities was these Spiral Draws from Klutz I could hardly blame them.

A kissing cousin to the original Spirograph, this drawing toy pretty much means hours of fun. Seriously, we can all sit and create and colour for a long time. It brings back so many childhood joys for me, and is creating them in the girls.

And just look what they did with them at the Museum! You totally change the look when you selectively colour. I so love this. And then there is the bigger installation. Volunteers took each image drawn and coloured, cut them out, and were pasting them together.

Must try this in fabric...

Oh, and another note. M.C. Escher? Absolutely, insanely, incredible. My only experience with Escher was the posters every 18 year old boy put on his dorm wall in my university. But to see the original prints, woodcuts, and linocuts in person was phenomenal. I had no idea that most of the work was actually a woodcut or lithograph. Completely impressive.