Beanie's Blocks

I couldn't do it. I wasn't quite done the beast of a quilt and I had to start something new. Not just play with fabric, not just sketch, but actually start a new quilt. And oh, it felt good. It had been MONTHS. So far I've only got a handful of blocks done for a baby quilt that needs 20, but it's a start. And the beast of a quilt is done now too! So as soon as I finish some deadline work these blocks will get some more time on the design wall.

These are made from the same pattern I used on the New Leaf blog hop with Daisy Janie. What a totally different look with this low-volume fabric selection. (I also made them 10'', not 12'' finished.)For the centers I used a fun map fabric that's been hanging out in my stash forever. These blocks are intended for a baby quilt for dear friends of ours and they are mega world travellers. 

I'm not going to lie, it felt so good to play with these blocks. Quilting and binding the beast took over my summer almost more than the girls being home did. It felt great to work on something new, with a vastly different range of colours, and on an entirely different scale. I also can't lie about this, I played on another new quilt too. That's for another day.