First Round of Just One Slab Quilts

This was the stack of slabs a week ago. A few more hundred added, a few hundred taken away to make quilts. Total count as of this morning is over 1900 slabs received, not counting finished tops that have been sent.

Last week my sister-in-law, Lee, and Andrea came over to have an afternoon of sewing to get some quilt tops done. It was a fun, frenzied afternoon. We ended the day with 12 tops done. A few bundles of slabs taken home for more sewing, and prep for more sewing. Only 80 some more tops to get done!

This response is overwhelming! In a good way. I'll be honest, I'd hoped I would get 100-200 slabs for quilts. To get 10 times that is insanely awesome! One way or another these quilts will get done and donated to flood victims. If anyone local wants to assemble tops, quilt, or bind then let me know. Another sew day is set up for today and I'm putting together sets of blocks for people in town who can assemble quilts at home.

It's really fun putting together these quilts. Playing with colour and ideas is addictive. Here is the first crop of quilts, enjoy the show!