All Safe

Well, that was awfully silly of me. I should have told you all that we are safe and dry in my last update about the flood here in Calgary. We live well away from the rivers and our power stayed on, which meant our sump pump was able to do its thing. So no repeat of our 2005 flood at home. Phew.

It really is quite insane here in Calgary. Even far away from the flood zones the roads are quiet. So many businesses shut down because their staff are directly affected. And our incredibly awesome mayor tells us to do things and we listen. So when he tells us to stay home, we do. When he tells us to restrict water, we happily skip laundry, and when he tells you stay off the water, all but one canoe listens.

I've had emails about quilts for evacuees and those who have lost everything. Of course there are quilt drives! Here are two I know of so far:

Quilting For Calgary
My Sewing Room (Hell or High Water Quilt Initiative)

UPDATE: The groups have merged into one, Quilting For Calgary.

If you know of others, please let me know and I will share the details (I have a collection of my own stuff ready to go.)

Also, note that this flooding is not exclusive to Calgary. There are numerous communities around Southern Alberta affected, some so devastatingly so. An event like this in unparalleled in our city's history though and has most of the city in shock. But we're also resilient (we are Prairie folks, after all). The sense of community reaching across the community is incredible. From the city's numerous food trucks and restaurants coming together to feed evacuees, first responders, volunteers, and media to strangers offering their homes to strangers who may lose theirs. This isn't my home city, but I'm incredibly proud to call it my home now.